Compelling Churches To Pay Royalties Is “Lazy” And An Attack On The Church – Trigmatic

The decision by the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) for churches to pay royalties has received some backlash from one of Ghana’s best rappers, Trigmatic.

The award winning rapper and songwriter has described the decision and approach by the Rex Omar led GHAMRO to force churches to pay royalties for the music they use as  “airheaded”, “lazy” and an “attack” on the church.

Questioning the practicality of such an approach, Trigmatic who was speaking as a guest on the celebrity Fanzone on GhoneTV argued that such an idea is dead on arrival since there are no clear systems and mechanisms to implement it.

“I think it is a lazy way wanting to take money or extortion… I even feel and this is with no disrespect or anything to anybody, I feel like it is an attack on the church. What about the other places, you haven’t collected from, the other institutions; night clubs, radio stations etc.

” I know churches even pay gospel musicians more when they are coming to perform in the churches. It shouldn’t have been thought of in the first place. I am a believer as well. It is an insult to my faith.”

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