Actor Majid Michel Hot Over “Adam The Eve” Naked Photos

Movie stars, Majid Michel and Ingrid Alabi have come under a barrage of criticism following the release of their half-nekked photos on the internet.

The images which have since gone viral are the artwork of a new movie titled “Adam The Eve” which is scheduled to to be released on  September 1.

In the said pictures, the two characters, depicting the biblical Adam and Eve are seen covered in leaves in a very compromising position.

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But actress Ingrid Alabi has defended the pictures saying “How can we be nekked? We were covered in leaves.”

The movie has also been criticsed for depicting scenes which are considered atopaually explicit thus raising a lot of public outcry.

The new movie, “Adam The Eve”, which features seasoned stars like Roselyn Ngissah and Peter Richie seeks to educate the public to be content with what they have.
It will premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra and West Hills Malls.

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