Legon Lecturer Recieves Slaps For Challenging Policeman

For daring to challenge a police officer, a Marketing lecturer at the University of Ghana received some hefty slaps.

The lecturer, Dr Kobby Mensah endured the ordeal on Sunday night at the Kotoka International Airport following a misunderstanding over a parking duration.

He had gone to the airport to drop off another colleague and were in the process of removing his luggage from the vehicle when the security men ordered them to move the vehicle as they had spent over ten minutes.

Surprised by the attitude, he insisted that they had not spent that number of minutes, an explanation that did not go down well with the security men who insisted they move their vehicle or they will be arrested.

According to him, his attempts to offer more explanation only angered the policemen so he decided to drive away but one of them, Wilson  Oku managed to slap him as he was preparing to move his vehicle.

“I responded to the officer that I haven’t been there for 10 minutes because we just arrived. He queried how long have I been there, and I responded within 5 minutes but not 10. The officer continued to claim the latter, and on my insistence, I implored him not to exaggerate.

“This got Wilson Oku infuriated, by which time he had approached my car and stretched his hand to slap me. I then stopped the car and came out to challenge him why he did so”

He has since made an official complaint at the Airport Police post but no arrest has been made.

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