Even though, members of the opposition National Democtratic Congress (NDC) are doing all they can to heal wounds by bringing all on board, it looks like former President Rawlings is still peeved.

It looks like Mr Rawlings is a man who does not pretend when it comes to expressing his feelings.

Sunday was a great day for the country as Ghana celebrated Silver Jubilee of Ghana’s Fourth Republic.

And as expected, all the former heads of state were there to give some impetus to the programme.

But one thing that caught the attention of the media, was the seemingly tension that was exhibited between former President John Rawlings and former President John Mahama.

Former President Mahama had exchanged a heartily pleasantries with former President Kufuor but when it got to Mr Rawlings, the tension between the two men was visible for all to see.

But what seems to be Papa J problem? Nobody knows as the man is difficult to predict.

You can watch the video below….


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