Video: Two Angels, “Nimokafri” and “Ayatafrem” Are Angry With Some Pastors In Ghana – Bishop Obinim

When it comes to religion probably one of the most frequently quoted statements in the history of mankind is the quote by German economist, Karl Marx, which says “religion is the opium of the people”.

Probably, that is the reason why some pastors in our part of the world have become Messiahs for people who are oppressed, the heart and soulless in our society.

One such pastor who has become controversial is this regard is the founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

From being the only Angelic Pastor probably in the world to being able to appear in people’s dreams, these and many more have become the trademark of the controversial televangelist.

The congregants of Bishop Daniel Obinim are on a daily basis served these delusional messages, miracles and prophecies.

In the latest video making rounds on social media, Angel Obinim is seen boasting to his members that two Angels are angry with some pastors in the country for chastising him (Obinim).

According to him, the two angels, “Nimokafri” and “Ayatafrem” wanted to punish those pastors but he pleaded with them to stop.

You can watch the full video below…


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