Nana Abena Korkor To Drop List Of Men She’s ‘Fvkd’ in 2019 | PHOTOS

Abena Korkor To Drop List of MenMen are never afraid of anything and would even jump into a raging fire all in the name of boldness or worst still adventure.

In fact some even say things that have no strings attached are not worth a try.

Do you remember Nana Abena Korkor Addo, that UCC SRC presidential aspirant who made headlines in 2015 after dropping her nude footages?

It was this same Abena Korkor who got Ghana to focus some attention on the biopolar mental health disorder, after grabbing headlines with a list of high profile men and celebrities who had entered her ‘keke’ including Kojo Yankson, Sammy Awuku, KOD, Giovanni Caleb, etc.

Yes! A lot seem to be going on in her life and she wants the world to know.

We are very sure that guys are back again trooping in and out and ‘bengin’ her ‘akosua kuma’ without fear of making the next list to be thrown out there on her social media pages.

Abena Korkor herself has been very active on social media in the last couple of days dropping hints of what’s up her sleeve in a fashion similar to what happened in the lead up to her 2017 bombshell which disgraced these guys known to carry responsibility tags.

The mental health advocate and founder of Psychosocial Africa, in recent days, has released an atopa video and written on Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook in defence of polyamory — the practice of having relationships with multiple partners with the consent of all of them — something you could easily refer to as ‘gala’ if done in Ghana.

In one instance, Korkor compared polyamory and monogamy and openly advocated for the former to be upheld if the latter is.

The most scary of her recent tweets is the one that hints on the new list she’s building up — which we presume may be similar to what dropped in 2017.

The beautiful woman has also told the world on Instagram that she’s dropped her old PDA and gotten herself a new PDA.

Korkor has been doing some good work campaigning to reduce stigma against people with mental disorders.

But that hasn’t stopped her from being herself and enjoying life the way she wants it, even if it means ‘benging’ one man after another.

One would not be wrong to say that the chronology of tweets and posts on Korkor’s pages signal an impending bombshell.

We will be here to report if she’s not stopped along the line.

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