Akufo-Addo’s Tweet On French Cathedral Fire Lands Him In TROUBLE

Akufo-Addo French Cathedral Fire
Nana Akufo-Addo

Ghana’s president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has incurred the wrath of social media users following a tweet via his official Twitter handle.

Nana Addo had posted a solidarity message to the French people after the Notre Dame Cathedral fire disaster.

“Our thoughts are with them, and we are hopeful and prayerful that efforts to save what is left of this historic Cathedral will be successful”, he tweeted.

The post, though harmless, was not received kindly by his own people who felt he should have done same for the twelve victims of last weekend’s heavy downpour in Accra — which preceded the Paris disaster.

This reaction comes only a month after the Ghanaian citizenry engaged in similar counter blast with the legislature over their quick show of solidarity to foreign states in times of disasters at the neglect of victims of similar disasters which occurred within the same period.

Only last month, the parliament of Ghana was blasted for neglecting over seventy victims of a fatal car crash near Kintampo, to put up solidarity statements for Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other Southern African states ravaged by hurricane Idai. The legislature offered flimsy explanations only to correct the mishap the following day.

The president’s tweet has been retweeted more than a hundred and sixty times with over thousand five hundred likes and close to five hundred comments.

The most visible of the comments are a rain of insults and cheeky comments directed at his person and style of leadership.

Below are a couple of reactions by Twitter users:…..

@AdjeiAhmed25: Did I expect anything new I knew u were gonna tweet about it, this is not a surprise

@DannyBallow: Mr president do you love the people of France than your own people? Your insult on us is becoming too alarming.A lot of Ghanaians died three days ago through flood and you see nothing wrong with that.

@oasys1489: Our President is a French citizen now abi.

@Seihox: Our thoughts are not with them biaaa… Did they say same when we had the black Friday. Please use your pronoun well. We always make these people special dodo aden.?

@GhizoKojo: Next time the French people will come and vote for u.

@SirwiseOne: Useless things nkoaah!!! Did you see him sympathize with those who died in the flood?

@ralphfael1: You den who??? pls pls pls, give us a blake.

@NkrumahAnderso5: So u wanna tell us Emmanuel Macron is more important than Ghanaians who lost their lives through the heavy downpour last Sunday nyt…Ooh Oluman we very disappointed in you.

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