Catholic Priest Kills Himself After Being Suspended for Alleged Rape

The Catholic Priest kills himself in an abandoned structure

Catholic Priest Kills Himself
Fr. Richard Bilé

A priest of the Roman Catholic Church has taken his own life after he was was accused and later suspended for alleged sexual misconduct.

Reverend Father Richard Bilé, who is attached to the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in D ‘ Affiénou (Maferé) in Ivory Coast, hanged himself on a roof after he was notified of his suspension.

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Reports in local media say, Rev. Father Bilé was accused of molesting a little girl which prompted investigations by the church council to unravel the veracity of the accusations.

After siting on the case a few days ago, the council found it necessary to issue a temporary suspension to the priest over the alleged defilement.

In the face of the shame, Reverend Father Bilé, went ahead to hang himself and was later found dead by locals.

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