Two Men Arrested For Stealing Women Panties

The two women panties thieves were arrested under a big bridge in the city of Lagos.

Arrested For Stealing Women Panties
Thieves arrested with stolen panties

Police have arrested two young men for stealing used underwears belonging to unsuspecting women in their neighbourhood.

The suspects identified as Emmanuel Friday, 21 and Nwabueze Obiora, 29, were arrested after they were caught in a fierce fight following the failure of one to honour his side of the agreement.

Emmanuel Friday revealed during police interrogation that, he was contracted by Nwabueze Obiora to steal used female panties for a reward of thirty thousand Naira.

However, after performing his duty and providing the requested number of panties, Obiora failed to pay him and attempted to forcefully take the panties from him which led to a scuffle and eventually exchange of blows.

According to Friday, Obiora had previously approached and consistently pestered him to get him the ladies panties so he could send it for money rituals and become rich.

The two suspects have been arraigned before a Magistrate court in Lagos and would be facing charges on stealing and conspiracy to commit crime.

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