The 4 arrested goats were finally sold on Friday June 4, 2019.

4 arrested goats On June 14, 2019, the Ga West Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra region uncharacteristically auctioned four goats at Amasaman.

Part of the notice which announced the auction process read: “The goats would be auctioned to the general public on Friday, 14th June 2019 at 3pm prompt in the municipal assembly yard”.

The four goats were reportedly arrested within the municipality on June 3 but the Assembly was unable to identify and or locate the owner(s) of the goats for possible sanctions.

Per the Assembly’s by-laws, it is an offence for anyone to leave their animals to roam on the streets.

Interestingly on the day of the auction, some of individuals  who had besieged the venue were surprised to know that the animals had names.

The goats named Emmanuel, John, Joseph and Andrews were put on sale to be purchased by interested individuals.

Goat Emmanuel, the biggest of them all was bought at a price of GHC350, goat Joseph GHC195, John GHC60 and Andrew GHC60.

You can watch how the process went below…


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