There are five secret signs that can help you tell when a woman last had sex with someone beside you – her husband or boyfriend.

Whether you’re curious if she’s seeing someone else, worried your partner is cheating or just plain interested in her sex life here are the clues that reveal her last romp.

According to sexual health expert Samantha Evans, co-founder of Jo Divine, this is what you should watch out for if you want to know that she’s recently enjoyed sex.

1. You are more attracted to her

If a women enjoys frequent steamy romps her body releases pheromones – scented sex hormones that stimulate attraction in the opposite sex – which can increase your arousal.

If you start to feel affected when you’re near her then she’s probably had some action recently.

2. She feels happier

In case you didn’t already know, sex is a mood-booster.

According to a study by the University of Colorado Boulder, the more frequently you get down and dirty the happier you judge yourself to be.

Researchers quizzed more than 15,000 people and found that those who had sex between two and three times a week were 55% more likely to say they were happier than those going through a dry spell.

3. She looks prettier

When you get between the sheets, lots of different things happen to your body and you can’t see all of them on the surface.

But a big giveaway is the increased blood flow to all areas which will leave her complexion looking flushed.

This will actually make you find her more attractive because a rosy complexion indicates better health and higher oestrogen levels.

4. She had a good night’s sleep

When a woman reaches climax she has a 30% increase in the hormone prolactin immediately after sex and again the next afternoon.

The hormone encourages snoozing and deep REM sleep, so if she’s had a restful night it could be because of a recent tumble between the sheets.

5. She isn’t needy

During sex the hormone oxytocin is released which helps people feel bonded to one another.

If she’s been at it recently then her desire to feel bonded will be satisfied meaning there’s no need to act clingy.

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