In recent times, sports betting has become the new craze among many Ghanaians especially the youth.

Many people attribute their success in life to betting a situation that has made betting very attractive.

Checks reveal that there are over twelve registered sports betting companies in Ghana, a figure that many people have described as alarming.

Critics contend that addiction to sporting betting has a negative impact on the youth and the country at large.

Peace Ambassador, Irbard Ibrahim has also added his voice and urged the youth to desist from engaging in sports betting.

According to Irbard, it is more dignifying for the youth to undertake other jobs rather than engage in sports betting.

He added that there are more viable alternatives in the country for the youth pursue in order better their lives.

“It is more dignifying to sell toffees that engage in sports betting. Viable alternatives are all around us as youth in this country”.


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