About 152,000 teachers across the country yesterday August 13, 2019, converged at 996 school centres to begin the training on the new curriculum.

The one week exercise is spread throughout the 260 districts in the 16 regions of the country.

In view of the huge numbers taking part in the exercise, each centre will have the teachers trained in batches.

But teachers taking part in the training across the country are complaining about the bad treatment being meted out to them.

According to the teachers, they are surprised that the Ghana Education Service(GES) can just serve them anything as food even though many of them are adults and professionals.

Some teachers who spoke to this portal on condition of anonymity described the treatment as strange, unfair and disrespectful.

“How can we do this to ourselves as a country? And how can we treat teachers as non entities? Can they do this to Doctors, Nurses, police, engineers or any other sector workers ? Jesus Ghana how can you give these to elderly teachers as snacks? I am ashamed as a Ghanaian, I am ashamed as a teacher gosh can’t continue…” some of them quizzed in anger.

Facilitators taking part in the exercise have also accused the Ghana Education Service of acting in bad faith.

According to them, they are entitled to daily subsistence allowance and transportation fare  per the terms of their engagement but management have failed to disclose what is due them.

They reveal that attempts to seek clarification from those in charge are met with the usual rhetorics “focus on the job we will sort you out later”.


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