Doctor Who Used Pickup As Ambulance Helps Mother Who Couldn’t Pay Hospital Bill To Deliver

, Doctor Who Used Pickup As Ambulance Helps Mother Who Couldn’t Pay Hospital Bill To DeliverDr Emmanuel Addipa-Adapoe, the medical practitioner who had to use an improvised ambulance to transport a sick two-day old baby to the Koforidua has recounted another episode he encountered on his way back.

The Doctor whilst waiting to cross the Volta lake at Adawso to Donkorkrom had to assist a midwife to help a struggling diabetic pregnant mother who was in labour to deliver successfully.

The mother per the account had absconded from the Atibie government hospital due to her inability to foot medical bills.

Our country is sick, the health sector sucks but we have some good and dedicated Doctors.

Bravo! Dr Emmanuel Addipa-Adapoe.

Check his post below…

I just arrived at Adawso. We are waiting for the pontoon to cross.

The news is with the help of the midwife in the picture we have just helped deliver a baby born to a diabetic mother who absconded from Atibie government hospital on account of financial constraints.

As you can see, the baby is big, so I am monitoring closely to prevent neonatal hypoglycaemia. I have set up the only fluid I have available…Dextrose and I will cause mother to start breastfeeding ASAP.

I will soon cross with her to Donkorkrom where we will set up a full blown Maternal and neonatal care.

Calling for reinforcement. At the Hospital.  Our health system needs a complete overhaul, people. No Politics. We need a proper stakeholder meeting over this. The time is now!!!

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