X-Rated Photos Of A Female Journalist Drop Online

, X-Rated Photos Of A Female Journalist Drop Online

There is always a frenzy on social media whenever a bedroom video or picture drops online.

Social media users with glit on their faces rush on such leaks like a hungry monkey waiting for a banana in a zoo.

Well! just like old times, social media is lit again as a leaked photo of a popular radio presenter in the Bono region has become the talk of the town.

The lady whose identity Ghanaxtra.com has not been able to unravel is reportedly having her attachment with a popular radio station in the Bono region.

Lady X as when have decided to call her allegedly sent the photos to her boss but luck eluded her as they found their way into the public domain.

A post by My Leakz which accompanied one of her photos read: “Let say hi to madam attachment student in BA sending her bdroom photos to the boss of radio station. Madam I will mention your name ooo”.

As always, never take nudes pictures or videos of yourself.

Follow this link to view the pictures if you want…

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