Photo: Doctor Uses Pickup As Ambulance To Transport Baby To Reg. Hospital

A medical practitioner in the Eastern region has recounted the hell he has to go through just to transport a sick two-day old baby to another hospital.

According to Dr Emmanuel Addipa-Adapoe, the child was delivered via Caesarean section but the child had severe birth Asphyxia.

He recounts that he has to fall on a friend for his Toyota Hilux pickup to be used as an improvised ambulance for the case to be referred to the Koforidua Regional Hospital for proper medical attention.

With oxygen carefully tied at the back of the pickup and ambubag and penguin for periodic supplementary oxygenation and suctioning, the good doctor was on the road to the Regional Hospital in Koforidua.

The journey is not without some challenges as they have to use the Pantoon at Ekye to cross the Volta lake to Adawso before enduring another long travel to Koforidua.

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Weird but that is the sad reality in this country.

Below is the full post by Dr Emmanuel Addipa-Adapoe

This is the mode in which I have had to carry a 2-day old baby from my hospital to Koforidua this morning.

Baby delivered via Caesarean section on account of Severe Preeclampsia and meconium stained liquor.

Baby has severe birth Asphyxia and we have done well on resuscitation so far but the child needs a NICU. So I have duly referred.

I fell on a friend who loaned us his latest Toyota Hilux pick up.

I improvised an ambulance like in the picture

I picked up my ambubag and penguin for periodic supplementary oxygenation and suctioning respectively.

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