Students often get frustrated when after toiling so hard and burning the candle they are still unable to answer examination questions.

Sometimes the questions are so hard that students turn to curse the examiner who set the questions.

But for a student in Nigeria, cursing wouldn’t help so he decided to take a nap in the examination hall.

The questions were so hard that he decided to take solace in sleeping in other to kill time.

But what were the questions?

Check them below and see whether the student was justified or not…

1. Critically discuss,elaborate, expantiate, elucidate with detailed analysis, inferences, applying decorum without bias, sentiment, emotional attachments, parochialism to your answers having in mind that clarity, well usage of language not been vulgar, uncivil, unruly, ill mannered will be tantamount to score a zero.

2. Using the cybernetic theory to analyse the relationship between the federal state and local government in relationship with the ethno cosmopolitanism and endocosmotalism of the federal legislator defection bruohaha.


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