10 Ways Men Can Avoid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sexual harassment has been identified as one of the serious problems at workplaces in Ghana in recent times.

In many cases, it is the men who are often accused of making importunate sexual advances towards women.

Interestingly, despite its serious nature, many men do not know acts that constitute sexual harassment in other to stay clear of danger.

We have compiled ten guidelines men should adopt and religiously apply if they want to avoid sexual harassment allegations.

Ten ways to avoid sexual harassment charges…

1. Do not stare at a woman’s breast, butt, or any other body part

2. Don’t comment on a woman’s body or appearance

3. Don’t touch your co-workers

4. Don’t have sex with someone you supervise or teach

5. Don’t talk about your sex life at work

6. Don’t tell a woman to smile

7. Don’t call women “bitches” or other crude, lewd or hostile names

8. Don’t watch or send co-workers sexist  videos or porn at work

9. Keep the pet names to yourself

10. Keep sexual innuendos and jokes  out of the workplace

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