Filth Takeover Newly Constructed Kejetia Market(Photos)

The newly constructed Kejetia Market in Kumasi is undoubtedly one of the greatest edifices in the country.

With over 8,000 shops, Phase One of the Kejetia Market Redevelopment has been completed and awaiting the official reopening.

The edifice comes with a convenient parking area for vehicles, a prayer room, modern bus terminal, fire station, clinic, creche, Police station as well as modern sewage and sanitation facility.

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Described as the largest market in the West Africa sub-region, there are already signs that the market will suffer from the “Ghanaian plaque”, which is sanitation issue.

Traders doing business around the market have started piling heaps of rubbish in the middle of the roads around market raising serious issues about our attitude towards the proper disposal of waste.

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