Five SHS Girls Rape Biology Teacher To Coma

Five SHS girls rape biology teacher who was already ill and receiving treatment at home.

Five SHS Girls Rape Biology Teacher To Coma
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Five senior high school girls have reportedly raped their biology teacher and rendered him unconscious in his own room.

It is still not clear whether it was a special punishment they planned to dish out to the teacher or the girls were just hɔrny and needed to sort themselves out.

However, an eyewitness who resides in Ayetoro-Itele in Nigeria’s Ogun State where the incident happened recounts that the five girls, aged 16-18, had walked into the teacher’s one room apartment in mufti holding notes and textbooks at a time nobody was around and the neighbourhood was very quiet.

He said, since the teacher had been ill for some time and hadn’t reported to school since resumption, he probably thought the girls had come to pay him a quick recovery visit but that wasn’t their intention as he soon heard the teacher groaning and moaning intermittently.

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“I heard voices from inside his room, although faint, because our rooms are far apart.

“I thought he was merely having some conversation; I heard the moans too but who would think something like that would have happened.

The eyewitness told the media, he found the teacher naked and almost lifeless few minutes after the girls left, and he had gone to check up on his health.

“I found him naked few minutes after the girls left as I wanted to check on his health and so I called the attention of the nearest police.”

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The man was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors and nurses commenced treatment and stabilized his condition.

Although the principal of the school where the girls are suspected to be attending maintains none of his students could have perpetrated such an act, the police have opened investigations to unravel the culprits.

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