Funny Face Reacts To Duping Ex-girlfriend of $53,000 (Video)

Popular comedian Funny Face reacts to duping ex-girlfriend Mary Ama Boansi of $53k after fake marriage proposal.
Funny Face Reacts duping ex-girlfriend

Actor and comedian Benson Oduro Boateng, popularly called Funny Face says recent allegations that he defrauded and dumped his ex-girlfriend are mere fabrications.

Earlier today, GhanaXtra published a writ of summons by a US-based woman who has sued the comedian and demanding that he pays her an amount of $53,105.53, being monies taken from her during their amorous relationship which has since gone bad.

The writ indicates that the plaintiff, Mary Ama Boansi, and Funny Face became friends and subsequently lovers after they met in June 2016. Funny Face later proposed to marry her and she accepted.

Ms Boansi claims that due to the marriage proposal, she became interested in the welfare of Funny Face and therefore gave in to his incessant pressure and requests for financial support.

The writ further indicated that since the plaintiff was not working at the time, monies advanced to the comedian during the period were proceeds of her students loan she contracted to support with her education.

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According to her, Funny Face collected the money at different times to fund his Cow and Chicken television series, Funny Face Fun Festival, hospital bills and also repair his Range Rover luxury vehicle.

Mary Ama Boansi is praying the court to among other things declare that Funny Face has defrauded her by “false pretense” and direct him to pay back with interest the $53,105.53 owed her.

However, in a sharp response, Funny Face has said that the allegations were frivolously orchestrated to tarnish his image and destroy his career.

Addressing his fans through an Instagram video, Funny Face stated that the claims are coming out of a relationship that has “gone bad.”

According to him, their relationship broke up over a year ago but after several attacks and threats, the woman who is bitter has gone to sit down and create stories just to disgrace him, having realized that he [Funny Face] has “bounced back.”

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Funny Face has asked his fans to relax and ignore the unfounded allegations since his lawyers are handling the case and would see to it that the truth prevails at the end of the day.

See his reaction in the Instagram video below…

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