People Have Been Paid To Kill Me, Prophet Nigel Gaisie Cries Out

Prophet Nigel Gaisie attack

The founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has revealed that there are plots to harm him.

According to Prophet Nigel Gaisie who is seen as one of the prophets of doom in the country, he is reliably informed that some individuals have been paid to harm him.

Recounting an incident that happened to him last Friday in a lengthy post to back his claim, the renowned man of God says that he was targeted by a hit and run driver.

Prophet Nigel who thankfully survived the said incident has warned that he will not anyway be intimidated by any individual.

“Natonal Alert…..Last Friday during my weekly Restoration Night Vigil….A car from no where nearly killed me whiles I was under auction,the driver drove via my members at the “OVER-FLOW2 and 3’Session……The target was me but for the swiftness of my security team!I escaped,We decided not to report it to the police since we might not get justice or the needed attention but I have picked up an Inteligence thus a group of people have been paid to harm me or come cause me or the church building harm.May,I say thus I am Ghanaian like any other so I shouldn’t live in fear in my own country…Suffice to end,my country should not kill its own people,if not for anytin at all,I bring hope to millions of people via the word of God and the manifestation of his power daily….May I end by saying in-that,am not scared or intimidated but am just putting it across so as the plotters May no’we are ahead of them and very well guided…am a true believer and not scared of the one who can kill the body but the spirit…..I will ALWAYS SAY WHAT GOD INSPIRES ME TO SAY WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOR….God bless you all and keep your prophets in prayer….P.N.G!!!!”

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has accused some individuals of coming after him following his prophecies on 31st Night 2019 but the stubborn man of God has warned such individuals to back off as he will not alter his prophecies against the will of God.

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Already two of his December prophecies on accidents occurring on two major roads have come to pass.

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