Trending Photo Of Sadio Mane Preparing “Ataya” Tea Hits The Internet

The reigning African best player, Sadio Mane might be one of the richest African footballers on the continent but his level of humility has never been in doubt.

Da-Hong Pao, PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag, Panda Dung Tea, Vintage Narcissus and Yellow Gold Tea Buds are the five most expensive teas in the world but Sadio Mane would have none of them as he lives a simple and low key life.

Do you know “ataya” tea?, that is his favourite tea.

The Ataya (sometimes spelled Attaya or Ataaya) is a staple of Senegalese tea culture. This bittersweet brew of Gunpowder green tea, sugar, and mint isn’t an ordinary tea. Ataya is a tea on steroids. has sighted a picture of the Senegalese talisman preparing his own “ataya”.

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