Akwasi Appiah Reveals How Kufuor’s Influence Landed Him Black Stars Job

Leaders Don't Have To Yell
John Agyekum Kufuor and Akwasi Appiah

More revelations keep coming out following the launching of a book by former Coach of the Black Stars, Akwasi Appiah.

The new revelation has to do with how influential Political figures are when it comes to appointments in the Black Stars.

In page 90 of his book “Leaders Don’t Have To Yell”, he chronicles the role former President John Agyekum Kufuor played in his appointment as an Assistant Coach of the Black Stars.

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“After Ghana’s appearance in the 2008 African Cup of Nations, I found out that there was a vacant position on the Black Stars because the coach at that time, Claude Le Roy, had sacked his assistant. I made a call to a few people I knew at the Ghana Football Association (GFA) office to inquire about the vacancy and to apply.

I presented my CV to the GFA representative. The person accepted my CV and that was the end of it. Like they say in Ghana, they sat on my CV. They just held on to it and did not invite me for an interview. Neither did they inform me that I was going to be considered for the job, even though I was duly qualified.

At that time, Mr John Agyekum Kuffuor was the president. I had a good relationship with him from my days with Kumasi Asante Kotoko where he had served for a while on their board of directors. I contacted the Office of the Ghana President to request an introduction to the GFA leaders. It was my hope that the President’s influence could get someone to take a look at my CV and let me know what was going on with my application.

Thankfully, that influence from the President (JA Kuffuor) led to a phone interview, and then I was invited to come for in-person interview in Accra. I flew from London to Accra for the interview.

I was offered the assistant coaching job with a salary of $3,000. The salary was extremely low compared to how much they were paying the foreign coaches. m

I remember President Kuffuor reminding me not to focus so much on the money but to rather get there, excel at the job and see what happens next.

It is possible that nothing would have happened to my application without the President (John Kuffuor’s) influence”.

Kwasi Appiah in his book, “Leaders Don’t Have To Yell” [Page 90].

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