ATM Thief Narrates How He Stole Millions With Bank Cards Of Victims

ATM Thief
He stole huge sums of money from victims

A twenty-nine year-old man has been arrested for stealing huge sums of money with the ATM cards of victims.

The thief identified as Adetunji Adesina, was apprehended by policemen on night patrol duties and found to be in possession of 10 ATM cards from various banks.

He is reported to have withdrawn over 10,000 Ghana cedis (N678,000) from his recent victim Ehitomwan Aghama.

Narrating his mode of operation to the Police Department in Nigeria’s Edo State, Adetunji revealed that he met Aghama at the ATM facility of one of the banks on Sapele Road in Benin City.

The suspect said he pretended to be a customer who wanted to withdraw money and distracted his victim by dropping his phone of the floor.

The moment his phone dropped and the victim wanted to help him pick it up, he unleashed his tricks as told below;

“My name is Adetunji Adesina, I am from Oshogbi in Osun State, I met Aghama at the ATM machine of the bank in Sapele Road, I behaved as if to say I wanted to use the ATM machine, then deliberately dropped my phone on the ground, in pity he wanted to help me with the phone.

I punched the cardless button on the ATM machine. He was, unaware that I pressed the cardless button, so he thought his card was stuck in the machine and went to seek for help from bank workers. At that point, I removed it from the cardless transaction and removed his ATM card.

I got his ATM pin number when I was pretending to help him, I later withdrew 678,000.00 from his account, using the ATM, and POS (Point of Sales) before I was arrested by the Police.”

The suspect after getting Aghama’s ATM card withdrew money on different occasions until he was busted by the police.

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