Check The Leaked Questions & Marking Scheme For Teachers Promotion Exams


Details are emerging that questions for the just-ended teachers’ promotion exams leaked ahead of time.

The questions for the examinations organised by the Ghana Education Service (GES) as well as answers are said to have leaked hours before the start of the examinations which started on February 20, 20202 and ended on February 21, 2020.

Teachers to the rank of the Assistant Director II position had access to all the 75 multiple-choice questions.

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The teachers also had the marking scene, a situation that gave them undue advantage over their other colleagues.

This is the first time the Service is conducting the exam, a shift from the interviews that are conducted annually.

Those writing include teachers who are in Superintendent, Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director I and II as well as the Deputy Director positions.

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Authorities at the Institute of Educational Planning at the University of Cape Coast, the outfit that set the questions have been tight-lipped on the issue.

In all, 47,323 teachers sat for the two days examination. has intercepted samples of the questions plus the marking scheme which the portal understand leaked in the Central and Volta regions.

Check them below

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