Mzbel Outlines 6 Pieces Of Advise For All Men Of God

Mzbel advises men of God

Popular Ghanaian singer Mzbel has aimed another subtle dig at men of God in the country.

According to her, the fact that she is anti-religion does not guarantee men of God the opportunity to spread lies about her.

In plain words, she reveals that if men of God practice what they preach, the country will be a better place to be.

Although the singer failed to mention names, there are indications that the jabs are aimed at Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

Mzbel has been in a constant beef with the prophet for some time now.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, chronicled six steps men of God should uphold.

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Check the post below: 

The fact that I’m against religion and find heaven and hell the craziest fairytale ever, doesn’t mean your so called men of god should feel comfortable enough to display filth and lies around around me!

If they at least try and practice 20% of what they preach there will be no ugly situations like this!

1. If u want to be my friend – Be Real

2. If u want to disprove my claims – Have Facts

3. If u want me to socialize in your church – Be Polite and Professional

4. But if it’s all about getting in my pants – At Least Win My Heart, Trust And Respect

5. Dont u ever think it’s ok to mess with me especially with lies and disrespect! I will take u down!

6. I am not a Sheep who needs a shepherd! I am a human being no the difference and treat me as such!

Feel free to rant below BELIEVERS I dont give a 4K!!!!
#IndependentWoman #Goddess

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