Oheneyere Gifty Anti Writes: If You Had Seen Me 21 Years Ago

Gifty Anti's life story
Oheneyere Gifty Anti

One of Ghana’s top journalist and broadcaster is Gifty Anti now called Oheneyere Gifty Anti.

Born on January 23, 1970, Gifty landed her first job as a Floor Manager at GTV.

She later became a TV presenter, coach, gender advocate and a feminist.

She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of GDA Concept and host of Stand Point, a programme which discusses issues affecting women on Ghana Television.

Though her success story is known by many, little is known about her struggles.

The ace broadcaster has taken time to chronicle her story which dates back to some decades ago.

Check the full writeup by Oheneyere Gifty Anti (OGA) below

I am sure you have heard me say over and over again, that, life is a journey.

If you had seen me 21 years ago, looking like this, you wouldn’t have believed that I would be where I am today.

Actually I didn’t think, I could get to where I am today.

Those shoes walked a journey,
The hair, shirt and leggings… braved many storms.

My dear, feel free to laugh, because I laughed so hard, when the picture was sent to me. I laughed so hard, because I remember that day very very well.

My dear friend, never, ever, give up on yourself!!

Life happens and it always gets better, if you don’t give up on yourself.

If you stay focused, work hard, stay determined and trust in God….

It gets better.

I hope, this picture will make you laugh

However, more importantly, I also hope it will inspire you, to believe in yourself, your journey, your hustle and never to give up on yourself.

I am able to freely share my past, because I am grateful for how far God has brought me.

Actually, I am sure that was my father’s shirt

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