Photos: New Alcoholic Drink Called “ɔwɔ Nsa” Hits Town


Snake drink hits town
Samples of the snake drink

A new alcoholic drink known as “owo nsa” or “snake drink” has hit town.

The new alcoholic drink which is a Chinese made alcohol has suddenly become very popular among some Ghanaian youth.

The new drink is a combination of a local gin popularly called akpeteshi, snake and scorpion.

The snake and scorpion are soaked in the alcohol overtime then it is ready for drinking.

The drink when taken makes the individual feels hyper.

Some customers also reveal that the snake drink cures rheumatism, body/joints pains and eye Problems.

The drink is common in areas such as Kingsby, Spintex, Djorwulu, Sakaman all in Accra and some parts of the Eastern region.

Check samples of the new drink below

Snake drink hits town

Snake drink hits town Snake drink hits town

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