Talkshow Host Mugabe Maase Claims Nana Addo Wants To Eliminate Him

Mugabe Claims Nana Addo
The Talkshow host was jailed in 2016 for similar outbursts on Ghana’s Supreme Court Judges

Radio talkshow host Mugabe Maase Salifu has alleged that the president, Nana Akuffo Addo has plotted to eliminate him.

The loudmouth presenter who was jailed in 2016 with two of his Montie FM panelists for threatening to kill supreme court judges, claims the president and his national security apparatus are monitoring his movement in an effort to hunt him down.

Mugabe continuously made references to the case of slain investigative journalist Ahmed Hussain Suale and dared National Security minister Kan Dapaah to make any attempt on his life and see what will happen.

“You will meet me as a man but I will stop you one time. Nana Addo, send your boys, Nana Addo send your boys that they should go and kill Mugabe. I am not Amed Suale, Nana Addo, I am telling you this afternoon.

The president of the republic of Ghana, I am not Ahmed Suale. Kan Dapaah (National Security Minister), I am not Ahmed Suale, IGP, I am not Ahmed Suale.

You will see where power lies. Be very careful because the power will change.

You’ve made up your mind to silence the few who are not ready to kowtow to whatever you people want to do…” 

He went on and on saying he knows where he’s standing and therefore is not afraid of the president and any machinations to handle him like the late Tiger Eye-PI employee.

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The ex-convict made these startling allegations on his radio show, ‘Inside Politics’ which airs on Accra-based Power FM.

His outburst seemed to have been his reaction to a recent random search conducted on him by police officers whilst he was driving through town.

…I was driving my Landcruiser when suddenly police officers numbering about 2 or 3 in patrol cars stopped me, ordering me to park so they can search me as if I deal in cocaine, or sell drugs, guns or ammunition. Same treatment was meted out to Prince Minkah, Apostle Joseph Jackson, Oheneba, Beposohemaa…

…Without fear or favour, useless president with useless ministers and administration. How much was spent on the Legon Hospital, you’ve spent about 9million Ghana cedis on ambulances so you want us to sing your praises. What about the man who built the bank hospital, Wa regional hospital, CHPS compounds among many other things?

Watch his comments in the Twitter video below…..


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