The Voice Of Money Echoes Aloud In The Speakers Of Football

Money in football
Money in football

“Money answereth all things,’’ a biblical allusion that proves the worth of money in the provision of solutions, ” money makes the world go round,’’ is a cliche heard from the mouths of hustlers,  entrepreneurs and financial gurus, based on its power to change situations.

And from a proverbial angle, money is blood and money calls for blood are two literal wise sayings the  Akans of Ghana,  use to address this vital medium of exchange with respect to how difficult it is to get it in one’s pocket.

But no matter the size of the coin you look at, or the kind of spectacles you put on concerning money and its influence on sports in general, this is the weapon called money, the new lord of the game of football.

According to Forbes Magazine in 2019, Messi was worth 101 million pounds, Ronaldo was worth  86.5 million pounds and Neymar as well was worth 83.5 million pounds. Reports cited on google indicate Gareth Bale has a 3 million dollar house and Iniesta also has a 4.6 million dollar house.  Private jets are also other assets owned by Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic and Pogba.

And so, therefore, if this is anything to go by, those who thought football was an aimless job must start fine-tuning their thinking.  Sports journalists as well were not left out as Simply reported the annual salary of sportswriters with websites and blogs in 2013 to be $49,000.

In a nutshell, there may be kings and lords over situations, but in this period of time, there is only one lord of the exciting game of football, specifically, and sports in general, which happens to be money. And it has echoed loud in the speakers of football.

Written by: Nyarko-Boateng  Emmanuel(Exequiel Paulo Dybala)

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