TROTRO DRIVER Speeds Off With POLICEMAN Hanging On His Bonnet (VIDEO)

Trotro Driver Speeds Off With Policeman
Trotro driver speeds off with the officer clinging to his bonnet

One policeman took a huge risk during an encounter with a Trotro driver which could have ended his life.

A viral video shared by an Instagram user, shows the officer clinging to the bonnet of the commercial bus whilst the driver speeds off.

It is unclear why the law enforcement officer was hanging on the bus but social media thinks the commercial driver may have flouted some traffic regulations and attempted to abscond after he was stopped by the officer.

The incident according to the Instagram user, happened in Sabo, Yaba area of Lagos state in Nigeria…and this was what she wrote:

Earlier today in sabo, yaba; what do you think happens when you refuse pay for officer’s lunch? Me I’m just saying oh… who knows, that asshole might actually committed a traffic offense

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