Woman cooks her private part at Juju shrine to attract more men (PHOTO)

Juju man preparing the young lady

A trending photo has emerged online which shows a young woman seriously cooking her honeypot in a juju man’s house.

The beautiful lady with features of a slay queen, is spotted in the company of a herbalist as she prepares to sit on a pot in an attempt to undergo the spiritual exercise.

A twitter user who shared the image claimed that the young lady was spiritually cooking her coochie in order to secure the best of clients.

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The exorcism was also to ensure that men who chop the slay queen are retained and answer to her demands without complaining.

The twitter user @julisco_ wrote;

Boys are in trouble. Cooking that mudaphyuking puśsy spiritually. You go fūck and fūck until you start selling your properties just to pay for the fūck.

The images are adult rated and cannot be published on this portal, but follow this link to see the unedited versions…..

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