MCE warns residents fleeing Coronavirus hotspots to self-isolate or face mandatory quarantine

Dr. Prince Kwakye Afriyie, Municipal Chief Executive, Wenchi

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Wenchi in the Bono region, Dr. Prince Kwakye Afriyie, has advised residents returning from Ghana’s coronavirus epicenters, to self-isolate upon arrival or risk mandatory quarantine.

His statement follows president Akufo-Addo’s imposition of a two-week partial lockdown on hard-hit Accra, Kumasi and Tema.

The new presidential directive which comes into effect after 1am Monday morning, has forced some residents of the affected areas to travel out and seek refuge in their native villages and hometowns.

But Dr. Afriyie is of the view that such moves may jeopardize Ghana’s efforts at containing the spread of the deadly virus.

In a series of posts on his Facebook timeline, the medical practitioner and politician said, the only way to break the cycle of transmission, is for residents to stay put wherever they are and avoid carrying the contagion from the epicenters to unaffected towns.

He warned that, Wenchi may not have the resources to quarantine people in expensive hotels, so everyone should stay back and follow preventive measures detailed in the various guidelines.

“On [a] more serious note, please don’t rush home, stay where you are and remain indoors, observe all the basic preventive measures.”

“The virus won’t move if you don’t move. Lets save Wenchi from internally imported Covid-19 virus! Our healthcare system can’t support you! You are better off in Accra or Kumasi where you will be quarantined in 3 to 5 star hotels in case you get the disease and ICU with Ventilator to maintain your failing respiratory system. In Wenchi, the best may be Farming Institute, WESS, or Methodist University. We don’t have the resources to put you in Viglosam, Anogee, Tohaba, etc. Stay home,” he wrote.

He opined that, those rushing home have already flouted laws governing the imposed restrictions and may risk a minimum fine of 12,000 cedis, a 4-year prison term or a combination of both.

“[A] register will be placed at Nkonsia for those rushing home, you have already flouted the restrictions! Wenchi will act,” he warned.

Dr. Afriyie urged residents of Wenchi to encourage relatives who return from COVID-19 epicenters to observe the 14 days mandatory quarantine or get the Assembly informed.

“Please if any friend or relative from any of the lockdown localities arrives in Wenchi, please for the sake of Wenchiman, let him or her observe the 14 days mandatory quarantine. Get my office inform. Thanks,” he advised.

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