Police arrest notorious criminal Abdulai Karim in Sunyani

The Ghana Police has announced the arrest of a notorious armed robber Abdulai Karim in Sunyani.

Sunyani armed robber
The suspected criminal, Abdulai Karim

The 24-year-old alleged rapist, armed robber and murderer, popularly called JJ, was reportedly busted at an undisclosed hideout on February 23, 2020.

A statement released by the Bono regional police command said, in 2019 alone, the suspect was alleged to have raped about eleven women in Sunyani and its suburbs.

The strategy he used, according to the police, was to monitor his female victims and know where they stay. Then at odd hours, he would forcibly break into their rooms either through the windows or doors, and rob them of their valuables after raping them.

Also as part of his mode of operation, Abdulai Karim would switch off the electricity meter in the victim’s house and when they rush out to check, he would sneak into their rooms and later rape and rob the victim at knife point.

The alleged criminal, according to GhanaXtra sources, is already facing prosecution on various other offences.

He appeared in court on February 26, 2020 and is set to reappear next week on different charges.

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