Adebayor offers Funny Face holidays in Togo to kill beef with Kalybos, Lil Win & The Joke (VIDEO)

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Funny Face Adebayor
Adebayor says he’ll send a car to pick Funny Face to Togo

Football icon, Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor appears worried about the current state of his close friend Funny Face following his recent emotional outbursts and is out with solutions.

The popular comedian has been throwing a lot of shades after renewing his beef with colleague entertainers Lil Win, Kalybos and Bismark The Joke, who he accuses of plotting to destroy him.

Rumours are rife that all is not well between the “Kasoa Van Damme” actor and the mother of his twins — an issue some say is linked to the fight with his colleagues in the industry.

Adebayor pledged his support for Funny Face when he threatened to reveal all the secrets of the three actors if they dare respond to any of his rants.

In another display of solidarity, the Togolese footballer currently cooling off in his home country, has promised to send Funny Face over, so he could also spend some quality time and forget about all the troubles confronting him right now.

“If my brother from another mother is not happy then I’m not happy please funny face I’m going to organize a car to bring you to Togo for you to relax here small,” he commented on one of the videos.

The comedian accepted the offer but said he wanted to deal with his alleged backstabbers before he leaves for the holidays in Togo.

“Sure bro, but boss before I come can I pls wait small for dem to say “FIMM FIMM“ so I tear dem before I come. Ok no problem, even if I get to Togo I will still monitor dem. When I hear “FIMM,“ dem go feel am for where ever I Dey. NO REST FOR THE WICKED,” Funny Face responded.

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