Funny Face fires Lil Win’s girl Sandra Ababio for calling him gay (VIDEO)

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Sandra Ababio Funny Face
Sandra Ababio (left), Funny Face (right)

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face appears to be very angry this morning and is firing from all cylinders without mercy.

The popular entertainer has been clearing things off his chest and dealing with former close friends, Bismark The Joke, Kalybos and Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win, for plotting doom against him.

After calling out his backstabbers, Funny Face has picked out Lil Win’s alleged girlfriend, Sandra Ababio as his next target for lying against him.

According to the television actor, Sandra Ababio has been going round telling people he is gay, knowing perfectly he doesn’t do men.

Funny Face told his 1.5 million followers that, what actually got him infuriated was how she spreads lies against him, sneaks into his DM to apologize secretly and go back to repeat same lies in public.

Sharing a photo of Sandra Ababio, the ace comedian indicated he was fed up and needed to respond.

“I have cried enough, Sandra Ababio. You will understand da meaning of Kasoa Vandamme soon. You know I love women pass anything because ur useless boyfriend Ntekuma lil win told u abt my kinda women and class I like, but u have da audacity to come and lie to da public dat am gay. apuuuu…but u came to lie to tarnish my image…da cross u are carrying on ur head u have no idea… my GOD will strike you soon wait and see!! KASOA VANDAMME โ€œ EI GO OVER YOU, โ€œ he wrote on Instagram.

Funny Face and Sandra Ababio became enemies after the stand up comedian and Lil Win clashed over ‘The Best Actor’ award handed him at the last edition of the Ghana Movie Awards.

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