Mosquito spray could potentially kill COVID-19, UK Scientists begin trials

Citriodiol, a substance in mosquito spray kills other types of coronavirus

Chemical experts are investigating whether a product found in mosquito spray could destroy COVID-19.

There is hope that citriodiol which proved effective in killing other types of coronavirus could work against the newest strain that has ravaged the world.

The UK Ministry of Defence which is leading the investigations has asked British troops to use it against the killer virus.

A spokesman for the Ministry, however, indicated, “further work is required to determine its full effectiveness, acquisition and distribution.

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“Citriodiol is known to have anti-viral properties and has been used as a barrier against the SARS 1 virus.

“Its utility for protecting against COVID-19 is therefore being explored by the Ministry of Defence as an additional protective measure for personnel working on the response,” he added.

Manufacturers of the product, Citrefine International Ltd, have previously said there is a “very good chance” it could curtail the disease.

If results prove positive, the repellent would be used every four hours.

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Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said no existing evidence suggest that the virus can be transmitted by mosquitoes and that an insect repellent would therefore be ineffective in curtailing it.

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