Okyeame Kwame Details How Lord Kenya Tied Him To A Bed So He Couldn’t Perform At Entertainment

Lord Kenya tie Okyeame Kwame to bed
Okyeame Kwame and Lord Kenya

Kwame Nsiah-Apau popularly known as Okyeame Kwame has revealed how former rapper Lord Kenya “bullied” him back at Secondary School because of his talent.

According to the Rap Doctor, Lord Kenya and his boys made every attempt to subdue his talent to the extent of preventing him from performing during entertainment programmes.

Okyeame Kwame reveals that Lord Kenya who was then the toast of students tied him to a bed to prevent him from outperforming him at entertainment.

In a post sighted by GhanaXtra.com, Kwame details how he was eventually set free to outshine the good old and fan favourite Lord Kenya.

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The performance on that night he reveals earned him the nickname  “whiz kid”.

Check the full post below

So let me tell U a story. This pic was taken in 1992. I was at KASS form 5. It was a Saturday entertainment night. I remember before this performance Lord Kenya and his boys had tied me to my bed so that he will be the only dope rapper for the night. Kenya and his boys were tall , strong and wild. My boys and I were short and afraid. We waited for them to leave my dorm then they untied me and I rushed to the D hall. When I grabbed the mic I started my rap which was written by my rap teacher called @PowerfullaudMarcus. @plm

“Cocaine is like Cain and will bring u pain. Stop the drugs it will lead you to rugs. Too much abortion causes abomination and contraceptive is sometimes deceptive “then they whole school went like “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ‘ by the way they used to call me “whiz kid”.

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