10 Popular Ghanaian Media Personalities Who Lost Their Jobs Due To COVID-19 Crisis

Ghanaian media houses have seen unusual drops in advertising revenue

The coronavirus crisis appears to have given media houses a hell of a time managing their budgets due to drastic reductions in advertising inflows.

While most of them have resorted to cutting down staff wages, others have had no better options than to terminate contracts and lay-off some employees.

In the past few weeks, some Ghanaian media houses like Multimedia, EIB Network and Global Media Alliance, have all taken to the latter in their attempt to cut costs and keep things moving as they await the end of the ravaging pandemic.

GhanaXtra has complied a list of some top media personalities who have lost their jobs as result of the struggles their employers are going through during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are ten of them….

2Caroline Sampson

Caroline Sampson
Caroline Sampson

The 2005 Miss Malaika finalist announced via Instagram that her employment has been terminated after almost a decade at Global Media Alliance subsidiary, YFM.

Caroline did not give reasons why she was sacked, but there are reports that the station has been severely affected by the global health crisis which has limited the inflow of revenue to the youth-focussed radio station.

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Caroline joined YFM in 2009 after a two year career with Citi FM.

3Kofi Okyere Darko

Kofi Okyere Darko

The fashion entreprenuer and experienced media personality did the double last weekend by resigning from Starr FM and ending his radio career.

Rumours were rife that his employers, the EIB Network who have been in financial distress for quite sometime now, have been hardly hit by the coronavirus pandemic to the point that a decision to cut employee salary pushed KOD and others out into retirement.

4Jon Germain

Jon Germain
Jon Germain

Jon Germain and KOD virtually resigned together under similar conditions.

The two were reported to have sacked themselves after an attempt to battle management over salary issues backfired and screenshots of their alleged WhatsApp meetings with other employees got leaked to the CEO of the EIB Network, Bola Ray.

Jon Germain said he was also retiring from radio on the same day he resigned from Starr FM.

5Naa Adzorkor Addo (popularly known as Ms Naa)

Ms Naa
Ms Naa

The talented radio presenter disclosed on twitter, she was parting ways with YFM after eleven years at the station.

Giving reasons for the decision, Ms Naa told her fan that her appointment had been cancelled due to lack of funds to pay her wages.

That’s not all….five others, i.e., Joel Orleans, Blackboy, Agnes Ntow, DJ Snoop and Killerfingerz have also fallen victims to the massive dismissals at YFM.

Joel Orleans
Joel Orleans
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