British Diplomat, Jon Benjamin trolls Obinim after he miraculously fell sick to escape arrest

Jon Benjamin-Obinim
Jon Benjamin has ridiculed Obinim on several occasions

Former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin has mocked Bishop Daniel Obinim after he instantly fell sick to escape arrest.

The police had gone to the Obinim’s church premises to pick him up for violating the ban on religious activities by holding counselling sessions, but he asked for a short time to prepare and follow them, only to return and complain that his leg was hurting and therefore couldn’t go with them.

Obinim was immediately escorted to a hospital in East Legon where he was admitted under police guard.

The self-proclaimed Angel of God has come under serious ridicule and is trending heavily on twitter as you read this piece.

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Following his arrest, British diplomat, Jon Benjamin, who was very active on twitter during his days in Ghana and still follows events in the country, tweeted his surprise as to how Bishop Obinim who calls himself an angel can fall sick or even get arrested without vanishing.

Mr Benjamin shared a photo of Obinim, saying his legal representatives Nimokafui and Ayantafri had visited to bail him out.

“Obinim has been arrested??? I understand he’s being visited by his legal representatives, Messrs Nimokafui and Ayantafri. Or maybe he can turn into a snake and slither out of the police station?”, he tweeted.

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