Kennedy Agyapong Exposes Man Of God For Rebranding Verna Water As “Holy Water”

Kennedy Agyapong exposes fake pastors

The agenda to expose fake pastors is on still course as Kennedy Agyapong has exposed a “Man of God” for repackaging Verna Mineral Bottled Water and reselling as “Holy Water.”

According to Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, that is the modus operandi of the leader and founder of Jericho Miracle Church International.

Speaking on his Net2 Television, Kennedy Agyapong accused Prophet Naakwaa Isaac of selling the repackaged bottled water to his congregants as “Nkwasuo Holy water” at exorbitant prices.

“Just look at this bottle very well. The pastor bought Verna bottle water, remove the original branding. Just look at it, and rebranded it “Jericho Miracle Church International ‘Hollywater’ ” and he is selling it 20 cedis. Another one has package Robb to sell in the Church. Please, please, Ghanaians, apply common sense to your business.

“It is not all the time business will be good. Don’t let this Obinim, Opambuor people deceive you. They have nothing and they know nothing. Me Kennedy Agyapong am even saving more souls than them. Am educating Ghanaians and saving them from these fake pastors. Please stop playing politics with this and let me deal with these fake pastors.

Any pastor who will give you direction to buy this and that is fake. A good pastor will pray for you, pray with you and encourage you to pray.”

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