KOD & Jon Germain didn’t actually resign from EIB; They were reportedly sacked!

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KOD and Jon Germain
KOD and Jon Germain have resigned from the EIB Group

Ace radio presenter Kwasi Aboagye, has revealed that two on-air personalities of the EIB Network who announced their departure and subsequent retirement from radio, didn’t resign voluntarily as they made the world believe.

According to the Neat FM Morning Show host, the two were actually forced to sacked themselves after screenshots of their purported coup plot got leaked to the Chief Executive Officer of the budding media empire, Nathaniel Kwabena Adisi popularly called Bola Ray.

Kwasi reportedly disclosed on his entertainment show on Peace FM on Saturday that the celebrated media personalities ganged up with other workers of the Group to plan a demonstration over unpaid salary.

“The information I have is that due to the salary issues at EIB, KOD and Jon Germain formed a group with other staff. The reason was to demonstrate over their salaries and someone took a screenshot. They were planning a coup against Bola Ray and the other leaders at EIB so it’s during those discussions that someone took a screenshot and sent it to Bola Ray”.

Unfortunately for them, someone took shots of their alleged meetings and sent them to their CEO, who initiated a move to sack them.

However, just before their employers could take action, they quickly dropped their resignation letters and left post.

“So, Bola decided to sack them after seeing the screenshots. They hurriedly came to announce their resignation before their sacking was announced. They were sacked”, he said.

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