Manasseh Awuni Shares Photo Of His “Atakpame” Home To Show He’s Blessed

Manasseh Awuni's poor family
The “Atakpame” home of Manasseh Awuni Azure back in 2004

Manasseh Azure Awuni has shared a photo of his past to show how far he has come as an individual.

The throwback photo which dates back to 2004 gives pictorial evidence of the humble beginning of one of Ghana’s finest media personalities.

Captioned “My 2004 Diary Reminds Me How Blessed I Am”, Manasseh gives a vivid description of his poor but cherished background.

It also chronicles how slaughtering a goat for the Christmas festivities was a big day for the family.

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My 2004 Diary Reminds Me How Blessed I Am!

“I completed Krasec [Krachi Secondary School] on 2nd Aug. 2004.”
Our house was renovated on 24th Dec. 2004.”

[The second picture in this post was my “atakpame” family house in Kete_Krachi Lake-Side. It’s still there, but now roofed with iron sheet. I’m the one sitting and eating. Aboyinga is the one wearing the yellow shirt while Cletus stands with him, shirtless. Akologo is the little boy while our mother is preparing food near our firewood powered triangular stove built with stones (mukyea). This house was plastered with a mixture of fresh cow dung and clayey soil. We call it “bole” in Gurune (Frafra) and it’s common in the north with families that can not afford cement.]

“We slaughtered a goat to spend the X’mas and that was the first time of shifting from either a fowl, guinea fowl or a duck to a bigger animal.”

[We were a family of 13 and we shared our Christmas rice balls with our neighbours and som

e members of the Upper East and West community in Kete-Krachi. This means the children got a very little piece or no meat at all in the years we had to depend on one fowl or duck for Christmas. The neck of a fowl could be shared for three children.]
On 31st December [2004], I moved from Krachi to Bimbilla to spend the New Year with the Adzato family…

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