Pot-Bellied Police Officers To Be Sacked From Roads

Tanzania bot bellied police officers

Tanzania’s Minister of Interior, Mr Boniface Taguluvala Simbachawene has directed all traffic officers with pot-bellies to be removed from the roads.

Mr Simbachawene reveals that such officers are not fit for the job.

According to him, overweight police officers were ineffective since they could not chase after lawbreakers and apprehend them quickly.

The minister has therefore reportedly directed the Inspector General of Police, Simon Sirro to redeploy law enforcers with protruding bellies to other departments where they could serve effectively.

Simbachawene explained that the traffic regulation bit of police’s work requires officers who are fit to undertake their duties swiftly.

“There are officers working in our traffic department who need to be moved as they no longer qualify. Officers in Gairo are pot-bellied, how can you have a pot-belly and you are a traffic officer? I direct the IGP to re-assign these officers to other duties”.

The Minister gave the directive in an address on Saturday, May 23, during a Road Safety Symposium.

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