The Sad Story Of Memuna Who Was Mistakenly “Bathed” With Acid

The sad story of Memuna Malik
Memuna Malik on the left before the tragedy

The sad story of Memuna Malik will make any individual cry.

The beautiful young lady had gone to braid her hair at a house in Saudi Arabia (where she was based as a casual worker).

According to Memuna, Salomey (Ghanaian) had intended to throw acid on the hairdresser, Rabi.

She reveals that Salomey mistakenly threw the acid on her deforming her face permanently in the process.

Now back home, Memuna who used to be the breadwinner of her family is dying slowly.

With no money to go to the hospital, she has completely given up on life and prefers to die.

Memuna is calling for support to immediately seek medical attention.

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