Actor Prince David Osei escapes terrifying accident

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Prince David Osei Accident
The actor announced the accident on Instagram

Actor Prince David Osei has been involved in a scary accident that could have turned fatal.

The popular entertainer disclosed on Wednesday morning that the front tire of the vehicle he was driving got burst in the middle of a highway and skidded him off his lane into others before he was finally stopped by the middle pavements.

Though he survived unhurt, images shared on his Instagram page suggest he ran into a taxi cab as he maneuvered into safety.

Prince David Osei praised God for saving his life when he took to the photo-sharing app this morning.

“Who told you there’s no God? You can’t easily take down a praying man, who don’t just walk in the flesh but after the spirit. Elohim be praised for saving me from a very fatal accident, I came out unscratched. Guys, pls help me thank God! Front tyre got burst was maneuvering the car on the busy highway, finally I hit the pavement that divides the road, as to how the car came to a halt I don’t know, my life was literally flashing through my face. Indeed there’s a God who never fails. Psalm 91,” he wrote.

Swipe through the Instagram post below for images;

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