Horror! As 90-Year-Old Woman Is Lynched For Being A Witch(VIDEO)

90 year old woman lynched in Savannah region

An old woman believed to be in her 90’s has been lynched for allegedly been a witch in Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah region.

The ordeal of the poor old woman follows allegations by a soothsayer that the old lady was a witch.

The disgusting video which has since gone viral has come under wide condemnation by Ama K Abebrese who has described the action as barbaric.

“What kind of barbaric people are they???? This is 2020 in Ghana. These people are cold-blooded murderers. The police must find these perpetrators and they must face the law.
(To be honest, I can’t watch the video, just reading the accounts makes me sick to my stomach.)”

Watch the disturbing video below 

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