You Can’t Cow Me! I’ll Continue To Speak My Mind – Bishop Agyinasare

Bishop Agyinasare speaking his mind

The founder of Perez Chapel International,  Bishop Charles Agyinasare has revealed that he cannot be cowed as far as his views on national issues are concerned.

The renowned man of God who says he has been receiving threats and insults over his comments in recent times says no amount of threat cannot stop him from speaking his mind.

In his virtual sermon on Sunday, 26 July 2020 titled: “There is a cause for integrity and honesty”, Bishop Agyinasare revealed that even though loved ones have pleaded with him to stop commenting on national issues, he is adamant.

According to him, no matter the situation in the country, he has chosen the path of changing the narrative as he believes God can turn things around.

“Well, Jonah did not believe wicked Nineveh would change but when he declared God’s word, they repented and fasted in sackcloth and ashes”.

“The word of God has the power to change people: it is a hammer that can break hardened hearts, it is a fire that can consume, it is like water that can wash the most sin covered soul, it like a light that can shine on the power of the worst of sinners”.

Bishop Agyinasare who says he is the ambassador of God dispelled rumours that he is doing the bidding of a particular political party.

“If I were an NPP spokesman, then NDC people would say they may do something against me. If I were an NDC spokesperson, then NPP people would want to do something against me. However, I am an ambassador of heaven with the authority of heaven behind me. That is the only reason why I could go to Pakistan, a 94% Muslim country to hold gospel campaigns at a time they were burning churches. That is why I sponsored my first gospel campaign in a Hindu stronghold, Chengham in Tamil Nadu state in 1993”.

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