Fake Artist Deserves Fake Award, Ayisha Modi Mocks Sarkodie

In the midst of the fake UN awards saga, one person who seems happy about the turn of events is Stonebwoy’s very own strong and loyal fan, Ayisha Modi.

Ayisha Modi reacting to this embarrassing moment has taken to Instagram to mock the rap king.

She believes Sarkodie is under God’s punishment list hence this disgrace.

In a post, she stated: “We should have paid attention to the woman’s facial expression… Clearly she was like “ hw3 di333 Okyire bi “ ????. Fake artists deserve fake award??????. Fear my mouth? ?????”

“When Stonebwoy said this “If you destroy someone’s character with lies yours will be destroyed with the truth” ???. You pipox thought he was mad Abi ????. I said the truth with a clean heart so whatever I say shall follow you for the rest of your life. @sarkodie boi boi. God no go shame us???.”

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